So clean. So simple. So smart.

SophieGreen is the answer to the unnecessary pile of plastic waste caused by today's cleaning products. A lesson in chemistry teaches us that a cleaning product consists of 80% water. What if we add our own water at home? Time for a change!

The new, smart cleaning product SophieGreen goes beyond a fresh and clean home. With your help, it also creates a clean world. SophieGreen is for everyone who wants to show that things can be done differently. Little effort, global impact!



Hello SophieGreen

SophieGreen is the smart nature-friendly cleaner in a form of an eco-refill. A powder that, with 750 ml of lukewarm water from your own tap, turns into a powerful and fresh cleaning product, allowing you to keep reusing your cleaning bottle. That saves a lot of plastic bottles!



Reusing your favourite cleaning bottle? Why not! You can keep refilling your bottle with our smart eco-refill powders.

How? It’s simple. Cleaning products consist of 80% water. The other 20% is where the magic is. With SophieGreen, this 20% comes in the form of an eco-refill powder. A nature-friendly, powerful cleaning solution. No bottle? No worries. SophieGreen also has a sustainable Bottle4Life. You save one plastic bottle per eco-refill. Good work!

SophieGreen’s products

Discover SophieGreen's powerful spray versions for your bathroom, kitchen and the all-purpose cleaner for the whole house. They are all equally smart, equally fresh and each eco-refill is good for a 750 ml cleaning miracle.




A bucket of soapy cleaning water remains indispensable for the larger cleaning jobs around the house. That is why we created SophieGreen's Sopje. One teaspoon of Sophie's concentrated cleaning powder is good for a bucket of 7 liter powerful cleaning water. On top of that, SophieGreen smells delicious and comes in a 100% plastic-free packaging! The tube can be nicely reused for storing Sophie's eco-refills. How clever!


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Your first refill

It’s easy! SophieGreen is so easy that you, or your helpers, can get to work in no-time (okay, 4 steps). Clean home, clean world. Let’s refill.



Step 1

Reuse your cleaning bottle (clean well first) or use the Bottle4Life from SophieGreen.

Step 2

Fill the bottle with 750 ml lukewarm water.

Step 3

Cut open the eco-refill bag on the cutting line and add the powder to the water-filled bottle. Put the cap back on and shake until dissolved.

Step 4

Time for that big (or small ;-)) cleaning job!

SophieGreen's Scents

SophieGreen loves nature, and you can smell that. From playful and slightly rebellious to those old and familiar smells. SophieGreen's scents contain ingredients that have been loved for generations such as lemon juice, soda, green soap and eucalyptus. Mixed with tea, orange and Patchouli. You'll discover it all in Sophie's Blue Rebel, Sunny Lemon, Orange Patchouli, White Pearl or Primrose.

The cleanest

Craft glue. Splotches of toothpaste. Muddy footprints on your beautiful wooden floor. Limescale in the bathroom. The aftermath of a somewhat too exuberant cooking party in the kitchen. It's all part of life, and your house is made to live in. Just like our world. Fortunately, with SophieGreen, you get a smart and natural cleaner that can do the job!


  • Clean and free from parabens,
    phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and EDTA
  • Clean due to less plastic waste
  • Clean refill packaging;
    100% plastic free
  • Cleaner transport;
    less C02 emissions

SophieGreen Contact

Are you as excited about SophieGreen as we are? Fantastic! If you have any tips on how things can be even better, smarter and cleaner, we'd love to hear from you! Of course, you can also just say hello ;-).


SophieGreen's Questions & Answers

Want to know more about SophieGreen's great products? Below, we have answered as many questions as possible for you.


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