Why is SophieGreen a natural product?
SophieGreen is made from nature-friendly ingredients and is 99.9% biodegradable. With the smart eco-refills, you can refill your plastic bottle instead of throwing it away. And with our small eco-refills, we save not only packaging material, but also packed trucks to transport all those cleaning bottles filled with water. Hello clean world!
Is SophieGreen biodegradable?
SophieGreen is 99.9% biodegradable. This means that 99.9% of the cleaning product can be broken down naturally within a short period of time (28 days). But why not 100%? This is because we have added a perfume to give the cleaning product a nice #freshlycleaned #scent experience. Perfume contains a component that is not biodegradable.
What does nature-friendly ingredients mean?
Nature-friendly is generally translated into 'not harmful to nature'. A nature-friendly ingredient is a raw material that takes nature into account in the production process, in its use and in the waste phase which causes as little damage to nature as possible.
Has SophieGreen been tested on animals?
No, animal testing doesn't fit SophieGreen's philosophy. In addition, SophieGreen's products are safe to use in the vicinity of animals. Sophiegreen is not only friendly to your home and to nature, but to animals as well!
Is SophieGreen vegan?
Yes, it is! SophieGreen does not contain any ingredients of animal origin or derived thereof and has not been tested on animals.
Does SophieGreen clean as well as other cleaning products?
The cleaning power of SophieGreen is just as good as that of regular cleaning products. The advantage of SophieGreen is that in addition to a clean house, it also focuses on a cleaner world with less (plastic) waste.
Why does SophieGreen smell less strong than regular cleaning products?
The scents of SophieGreen are so good that we understand that you might be sorry that they don't smell as strong. However, this is because SophieGreen is powdered. Perfume contains oils. And because we don't want the powder to ‘stick’ too much, there is a maximum amount of perfume we can add. In addition, perfume also has an influence on the percentage of biodegradability.
The eco-refill bag is made of FSC paper. Is there still a harmful coating over it?
No, our eco-refills are made of paper cellulose and are fully recyclable, so dispose of them as wastepaper! And the same goes for the box.
Why a bottle, even though SophieGreen wants less plastic?
Good question. SophieGreen dreams of a clean home and a clean world with less plastic. It is of course best to reuse your old bottle (but make sure you clean it well first). Unfortunately, you cannot remove the cap/spray head from many bottles, so they are not reusable. What a shame! It is also possible that in your recycling enthusiasm, you have already thrown your empty bottle in the plastic waste. In that case, we offer the SophieGreen Bottle4life. This one is already filled with powder or liquid when you buy it. Fill at home with water from your own tap and you’re good to go.
Why isn't SophieGreen's bottle made of recycled PET plastic?
We have looked critically at several types of material for our Bottle4Life. We opted for the strong PET bottle because we believe that reusing is even better than recycling. The recyclable PET variant, no matter how beautiful, was not yet feasible for us in terms of price. But that may very well change in the future.
How long does the SophieGreen spray head last?
We have selected a sustainable ‘idiot-proof’ spray head which is 100% recyclable and contains no metal elements. With normal use, it will last a very long time. So, get spraying!
Can I use SophieGreen products for everything?
SophieGreen's natural products can be used on all washable surfaces. We only advise you not to use the powerful bathroom cleaner on calcareous materials such as marble and natural stone. Otherwise, first try it out on an inconspicuous spot.
Help! SophieGreen's powder isn’t dissolving?!
The powder dissolves best and quickest in tepid or lukewarm water. With cold water, it can take a little longer. Shaking well also works miracles :-) P.S. Don't forget to twist the cap on before you start shaking it around.
Doesn’t tap water contain too much lime, won’t that cause stains?
No, you can mix SophieGreen's powders with water from your own tap. Clever!
How do I properly get the powder in the bottle?
We made the sachets narrow so that they fit exactly in the opening of the bottle. This reduces the chance of spillage. Mind you, make sure to cut the sachet straight at the top so the powder comes out easily. It is best to first fill the bottle with water and then add powder to prevent foaming. You can also do it the other way around, but in that case, add the water slowly via the rim of the bottle.
Why is SophieGreen free of parabens, phosphates, chlorine, EDTA and ammonia?
It fits SophieGreen's philosophy not to use harmful ingredients. It is therefore free of substances such as phosphates, parabens, chlorine, ammonia and EDTAs.
Darn it, are you seeing stripes after using SophieGreen!?
That’s not supposed to happen! It may be that the cloth you are working with is not clean enough, or that you have started spraying just a bit too enthusiastically. We get that, but SophieGreen works just fine with a modest spray :-)
If I put two refills in there, does it work any better?
No, we don't recommend that. The contents of the sachets are precisely tuned to 750 ml of water to get the perfect cleaning result. In addition, this releases more cleaning agent into the environment than necessary, even though it is nature friendly.
What is the pH value of SophieGreen's products?
The pH of Sophiegreen products is neutral and ranges from 6 to 9. In general, products for bathrooms and toilets have a low (acidic) pH, but SophieGreen's bathroom cleaner is pH-neutral yet excels at the daily removal of limescale and soap residues!
Is SophieGreen suitable for sensitive skin?
If you are (hyper)sensitive to perfume allergy you might experience some skin and/or eye irritation. The label of SophieGreen will indicate whether, and if so, which perfume allergens are present in the product.
Why keep out of reach of children if it's nature friendly?
SophieGreen's cleaning refill wonders are concentrated and can therefore be harmful to children if ingested or if it gets in their eyes. With all cleaning products, you should always be careful and keep the products out of the reach of children.
Why wear eye protection if it's nature friendly?
SophieGreen's cleaning refill wonders are concentrated and can therefore be harmful to the eyes. With all cleaning products, you should always be careful and keep the products at a safe distance from your eyes. Did you get SophieGreen in your eyes? If possible, first remove any contact lenses and keep rinsing for a few minutes. If irritation persists, consult a physician and keep the packaging at hand.
Can I use an old cleaning bottle that wasn't eco friendly?
You sure can, but make sure you rinse the bottle well first. This is to make sure that no residues are left behind. Write on the bottle what's in it. Keep the SophieGreen eco-refills for instructions and warnings. So, you always know what to do.
Where can I find SophieGreen's safety sheets?
You can request the safety sheets via our contact form.
Do SophieGreen products have an expiration date?
Yes, provided that they are stored in a dry place at room temperature, all our products will last for about 18 to 24 months before discolouration, hardening and/or scent reduction may occur.
Are SophieGreen products safe for children?
Yes, they are! Surfaces that have been cleaned with SophieGreen products, including child seats and tables, are safe for children because SophieGreen does not contain any hazardous ingredients. BUT always make sure the products are out of reach of children. SophieGreen, like all cleaning agents, is not suitable for ingestion. After swallowing SophieGreen's products, drink a glass of water immediately and call a doctor or the poison control centre as soon as possible: the Dutch Society for Intensive Care at +31 (0)30 274 8888 or at nvic.nl. Keep the label of your SophieGreen product at hand for this as well.
Where to buy?
Available at Jumbo Supermarket online, Da Drogist & Bol.com online.


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