Just add water and clean!

SophieGreen Sopje is a nature-friendly concentrated powder for large cleaning jobs in and around the house. The large amount of plastic waste in the world is a serious problem. And that is why we have chosen for a powerful nature-friendly product in sustainable plastic-free packaging. This way we save on unnecessary use of plastic bottles. Sopje is really easy to use. One teaspoon of cleaning powder is good for one 7 liter bucket to clean your household with. With a wonderful scent experience, you can mop your house, soak the doors or all your garden furniture with a big smile.


SophieGreen Sopje is:

  • Plastic-free!
  • 99.9% biodegradable due to nature-friendly ingredients
  • Free of harmful substances such as parabens, chlorine, ammonia & EDTA
  • Smells delicious


Little effort,
worldly impact!



Step 1

Fill a bucket with 7 liters of lukewarm water.

Step 2

Add one teaspoon (± 4g) of Sophie's powder and stir.

Step 3

Suitable for all washable surfaces. If in doubt, first test on an inconspicuous spot.